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Husband or Nun?[The Anna Viper Story]
She thought and thought who she could trust; there were not many people in her life that could fit that need, if any. She had mentally made a plan, and was working the steps.  This was now step #4, find a husband…or do something to prevent herself from having children. She had convinced herself she’d raise the ugly child if it was born or if she couldn’t she’d pay a nanny to do so; but then the thought come to mind, that possibly the others said the same thing and couldn’t on account of  some demonic magnetic force, or forces.  Yet the creature had left her and so the possibility of this force would not stand too long in the way, it was only logical she told herself.  But was she doing things too quickly, overlooking something, anything―a statement-question she told herself? But nonetheless, she ventured to assure herself she had not overlooked anything, that is, nothing that was told to her.
She talked to a priest about this matter and as astonishing as it was, he went along with it, not fully believing, but too fearful not to give her the right advice if it wasn’t, or for that matter, if it was true―and giving her the benefit of a doubt was safe.  He had suggested she become a nun, something that had not yet occurred to her, as unsound as it sounded, it was logical, commonsensical you could say.
“A nun, a nun, a nun…” she pondered over and over as she listened to the priest. But as much as she wanted to say yes, her whole being seemed to be fighting it, and said, “No, I can’t be a nun.” It was a godly thing, she  power beats by dre best buy told the priest but it was not her, she convinced herself.  Yet the priest tried to convince her it was a good choice, and based on her story, she was what God might be looking for, a person, “Usable,” and “Available,” two necessary ingredients for future missions, whatever they may be.  But still, “…no,” came out of Anna’s mouth, not to be spoiled, or rude, just because it didn’t fit her reasoning, or seem to, she repeated to herself for a third time, and for this reason, the priest left the subject alone.
It was―for the mean time―settled, the issue of becoming a nun and would have to be discussed another day. Now she was shifting her thoughts to other areas, she told herself: it might be wise to get a second opinion, why not ask Dick Earnest, she was fond of him, and he was for her, I mean on her side, a person she didn’t think of at first, but if he couldn’t be trusted, who could.  He lived at 1221 Rice Street, in St. Paul, and so she took the bus which dropped her off almost in front of his house, down a ways from the Capitol.
As Anna approached the porch of Dick Earnest’s house, he was sitting out on it, having lemonade; they both waved at each other as she approached, he waved her on to join him, exactly what her intentions were, he pretended not to know, but he knew why she was there―coming, matter of fact, Anna seemed a bit hazy about his good welcome, as if she was expected (intuition).  But she put that thought aside, assuming Psychologists knew such things, possibly just good judgment, and instincts.
It was a nice size house, four bedrooms, a double lot; he enjoyed the busy traffic for some odd reason  beats by dr. dre powerbeats that went all day and night in front of his house; across the street was a bar, gambling.  Within a few minutes she found herself sitting down with Earnest and drinking lemonade on the opposite side of the table of him.
“You seem disturbed,” uttered  Dick curiously looking at Anna.
“I suppose I do, I’ve been thinking a lot sense you gave me all that information about everything, and Lady Belinda came to visit me.  But I told her to leave.”  Dick listened attentively like a good counselor would, and  price for beats by dre gave a big smile when he heard she dismissed Belinda’s soul bartering.
Commented Dick, “I think I like the fact you are reinventing yourself, a new Anna, and a much wiser one.”
“Thanks to you Dick I have come to some conclusions but I need your advice, however, please don’t charge me too much.”
“This one,” answered Dick, “I mean, this session if that is what you want to call it, is on me, from a friend to a friend.” (He concluded with a hefty smile and squinting eyes, as if behind his forehead  wireless beats by dre the brain was working overtime.)
Said Anna with a look of dismay, “I need really good advice, and I trust you, and there are no male people, or any people I do trust. I went to see a priest and he tried to talk me into being a nun.”  Earnest looked closer as  dre monster beats if to study this issue face to face, having a stern look, --he was stunned.  “But,” she continued, “…I told him no, that was not me.”  She didn’t notice Earnest’s eyes; they were pale with a lost look, but returning to life when she said ‘no’.
“Yes, replied Dick, catching his breath, “A nun, oops, that is quite a step…” then seeing she was against it firmly, he said, “But of course if that is the path that will reinvent you, then it is a good one.  Again feel free to ask whatever you want; this is a free session, just two friends having a drink on a cool day.”
Said Dick with a slight narrowing of his eyes, looking upward,
“I can’t tell you what to do; only what you have already made up in your mind to do, if that makes sense?  And then show you ways how to do it safely.”
“Yes, yes―that is exactly what I wanted to hear, now that you said it…you know me so very well, Dick, so very, very well. I do very much want to marry some day; I think.”
“I see,” said Earnest, “…and is this mission to get married based on ridding your life of your curse?”
[A pause]  “Yes…is that a wrong reason to marry?”
“Well,” commented Dick, “I’m not quite sure what is safe, or for that matter, right or wrong in your case―at this very moment, or what will or will not work. But I guess what I do know is, and it is by experience and observation I speak from, is that I do know what doesn’t work, and that is: doing what others want you to do.  You see Anna, when you let others take charge of your life, that is exactly what they do, for instance, such as the priest was about to do, but you stopped him, or at least that is what it sounds like.”  (That was a question statement, and Earnest was waiting for an answer, but got none.)
(Earnest now puzzled, said slowly and cautiously.) “I mean Anna, usually the person you get the advice from, has his best or their own interest in sight, even though it may be or seem to be, nothing at the time.  For example, there is a shortage of nuns in the State of Minnesota, matter of fact there is a shortage in the USA, if not world wide. You see what I mean?”
[Anna at a complete loss]  “I guess I do, but I don’t think, or didn’t think, the priest was or had ulterior motives…”
“Oh, ohooo, I do not mean to insinuate the priest had such goals in mind, consciously that is, but you know how the unconscious works, when opportunity knocks, you open the door.”
[Still baffled] Said Anna, trying to smile: “Yes, --that makes a little sense and him a little shrewd [Ending with a soft note.].
[A little twined]    Earnest quickly added, “You are very attractive, a smart girl―I’m 37-years old, and I know you’re 22 or so, but think, please think, I’d love to marry you, and I guess I’m a little coiled up because I will not get the opportunity to ask if you were to become a nun; so I find myself asking now―now at this awkward moment.”
Anna’s eyes opened as wide as headlights, “What!” she burped out…” did you say?”  She was in disbelief, in disharmony―as if a poison snake had bitten her and froze her from head to toe.
Said Dick as calm as could be, “I didn’t think it was so…so, wild or unpredictable a question, or statement; we know each other as if we were best of  friends, and the only difference between best friends and husband and wife, is sex.  And I’d keep the child had we had one together.”
Time Elapse
As soon as Anna got her composure and senses back―that day, she shortly, thereafter started dating him, and quicker than she had expected, had set the wedding date at Dick’s request; but Dick insisted he have his priest from Nashville do the ceremony in his home, a quiet type of arrangement he cordially implied; yet he insisted on this; and so the date was set, and took place on July 5th, 2003.  And now Anna had the 4th part of her plan in motion
she then becomes pregnant shortly after the  beats by dre stores wedding, setting the date for the child’s conception to around March 7, 2004; it all seemed up to this point quite natural, and hasty, unbelievable and spellbinding (almost a fairytale ((as she had stated, ‘Too good to be true’)).  If anything, she finally found some kind at peace; daily she would check daily her forehead for its pigmentation, to see if it had changed in the mirror to a light gray, or dark circle, it had not.  She had also talked to the priest again, against Earnest’s wishes, but she insisted.  He simply told her, she was not listening to anybody but herself, and even though she was logical and what she wanted was valid, she had some blind spots. Plus, whoever heard of marring your counselor in such a hurry, it sounded like desperation, and he [the priest] was not sure if it was her or him in desperation, or both.
Commented Anna,
“It was food for thought,” and it was on her mind, but she had already made the move.
She was not what one would call, crazy about Dick, but he was a provider (not that she needed one), and he was caring, and seemed to love her, although at times a bit melodramatic, that is to say, overemotional, especially with the pregnancy.
It was on March 1st she went with her husband on vacation to New Orleans.  He told her he had family there, and wished to be there for a few days, kind of to show her off.  That is, before the child was born, and should it be born there, he knew the layout  of the city quite well, it seemed a bit one-sided, but they both went; Anna to appease Dick and Dick to appease his family, or so he had told Anna.
They were due to return to Minnesota on the 4th but again, Dick was unrelenting; he now wanted to stay until the birth of the child was over. And so they remained in New Orleans a few more days.  He introduced her to several family members, while Anna told herself: none of them resembled Dick in appearance; yet, she again took it at face value that they were in fact family; but it was not so incidental, that Dick argued the fact he wished to stay, or better put, chose to remain in the city, this was troubling for Anna; ‘…why, why, why, does he want to stay here when we should be at home getting ready for the baby?’
The city was hot and crowed with people, cumbersome for Anna to get around, yet by and by, Dick insisted his new bride keep up with him as they marched down Bourbon Street, night clubbing, eating, meeting people and so on (his personality was changing), and he seemed to know more people here in New Orleans then back in St. Paul, so Anna told herself.  And then on March 7, 10:00 PM, her water broke, --within a matter of minutes, there was a limousine awaiting them outside a night club.  The limo quickly took the couple to an old mansion, not all that far from where they were.  As the limo stopped, the lights from cars going by showed an odd color around Dick’s brow.  Anna felt he must be pale, ill from all the drinking he had been doing, and now this; but she looked again as another car went by, shinning its lights forward, and directly on her husband.
“No time for a hospital,” said Dick to Anna as the car drove to the back of this mansion they were at; a guard came walking up  to the car door, she now looked again at Dicks temple, as she was carried out of the car by this huge being who had quickly stepped out of the back of the mansion’s door waiting to meet them.  As they rushed her from the car to the entrance of the door a tear now came from her eyes, Dick looked, they both looked at one another, just a glance, he had the black ring, the “Liars Ring”:
“Who are you,” she murmured, gravely and painfully.
He at once replied, “Tyrone Viper.”  He finished up with, “Are you surprised?  [Playfully].”
“To-day is our day,” said Anna’s husband as he closed the door behind him, and told her quickly his background, updating her, even commenting on the deal he had made for long life after the curse was placed upon him and his family, so many years ago.
What was going on in Anna’s head was that no one really knew what had happened to Tyrone Viper, whom was born in 1855, now she knew.  Like Lady Belinda, he had sold his soul also (after being caught in the clutches of the curse himself).  Was there no end to this, she thought?
‘He’ll not get want he wants from me,’ she told her second self―her minds-eye, innately.
They now were in the corridor leading to the room where Anna would conceive the child; they went through another door, where two nurses appeared, and a doctor.  Anna was placed down on a rolling bed, and brought quickly into the center of the white-room.  Everything was happening so swiftly, she knew not what to say or do.  She was given a form of hemlock, mixed, that paralyzed her body. She did a dismaying thing, and tried to spit it up and out at the nurses: doctor and her husband, “Damn―oh―damn,” she cried. At that moment, Dick explained (as many onlookers stood around, greeting Dick as ‘Master and Executioner’):
“Yes, I am Tyrone,148-years old, and I get another 352-years, add that on, and it makes 500, as I have said, and also I am the Master of the ’77-Day Cult,’” which he emphatically snubbed out of his slow and horrid breath at his wife looking up at him.  Now she could see the giant, it was the one she heard about, it was Vii.
“God forbid,” she tried to utter.
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