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Also secretly killed. Chang Kuo-tao watch dug up so many invisible anti-** kill heavier. He ordered a full review of the Soviet Area purge anyone White Army over the uprising surrendered,longing be arrested; forever landlords plus rich peasants home background regardless of their performance,all arrested; nike free run shoes those who come from the intelligentsia,plus even read a few years,aspiration be arrested reiterate The Purges range namely growing, expanded from the legion apt the space Henan, Anhui, DC Chairman of the Central Military Commission Vice Zheng Hangrui the Red 10 division nike air max 1 political commissar Chen Qi, jute uprising leaders and E-northeast Soviet creator Xu Peng, Dai Kemin, Caoxue nike air max uk Kai, Chen Ding Hou, Wang Xiusong six Huo uprising leaders plus Anhui the Cixous creator Shuchuan Xian the Central ** 1 division Xubai Chuan, Wang Hsiao-Ting, the Central ** 2 division of West Anhui nike free escape Road Committee secretary Fang Ying, Liu Ye Qi, the aboriginal Red Army ** brigade, 28 commissar Luobing Gang,ruddy the 29 corps impede newborn explicit political commissar Li Xi Shi, 32 commissar Jiangzai Ying, the 33 corps Huang Gang,brain of the successor long 1st red 38 corps any hardship folk have been killed. 12 League cadres of the four divisions of the Red Army, the surviving only two people some corps battalion, company-level cadres, killed three, four crop Red Army among the three provinces, a total of Su-out 44 of the 17 military-level cadres, 35 division-level cadres, the corps class cadres, the numeral of camp platoon-level cadres more Su, Red Army soldiers Su tin not longer identified. In the almost three months 'revolutionaries',and Gansu out more than two thousand five hundred officers plus men of the Red Army. When the Red Army,but 1.five million people a full Su-out sixth
It was nike free run dog eat dog,after to the level of maniac As long as a person may, Reorganization Group, the AB team alternatively third celebration would be arrested plus killed. Who ask not guarantee namely the restructuring of the group spy , it ought be killed. Young people accompany it becomes adore Commission, kill; mention a few prison sā words, kill; moistened taint the muzzle nike lofty heels of the infantry killed; broken rice sack slay In order to retention bullets constantly the cheap nike atmosphere max rows of people hacked apt death with machetes, with a spear Chuosi. There are hundreds of people buried alive with out. Kill paying approach attention nike free run 3 apt slay farm of afresh farm.
Numerous officers and infantry of the Red Army and ** the nike free escape shoes masses, without sacrificing the sword of the antagonist by gunpoint,merely died amid their own folk Que Park,either inside and outdoor the bones, such as mountains, rivers of blood. The massacre went aboard as more than three months,in addition to had lofty teach students, Kuang Jixun, Xu Xiangqian,and a few additional people create Henan, Anhui Soviet the fathers about killed the light. In the land ** War, Soviet Area and the excesses of the Red Army atmosphere jordan heels internal purge the phenomenon namely universal Like Error killed Zhou Weijiong, originally claiming off the wagon and killed to South uprising fathers Xu virtual and Xuzi Qing. Chang Kuo-tao so Holocaust,surrounded addition apt Clear consideration of the internal enemy timberland is apt arrogate leading ambitions and exclusionary.
In July 1932, the KMT Henan, Anhui Soviet fourth encirclement plus suppression. By more than three months of hard work, co-edited by the Red Army plus 25 Red Army from the Red Army did never beat back the antagonist had apt pull out the convey of Soviet Area. The expedition of three thousand miles,plus finally arrived amid northern Sichuan. Stay in Henan, Anhui cling apt the skirmish of the 25 Red Army and the Red Army 28,merely underneath the auspices of the chief representative Zemin revolutionaries.
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