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Recommendation for panniers to carry a laptop for daily shop nike air max commute That available in jeremy scott wings shoes the UK
Timbuk2 has a couple pannier options that both have an included laptop sleeve and are designed to be easily carried off the bike. One converts to a messenger bag, the other more of a "shoulder bag". Looks like Timbuk2 has some of their stuff sold retail in the UK, and they also do direct orders with international shipping. I don't have either bag, but I do have a laptop messenger and a couple regular messenger bags from them that I've been happy with.
Their site is jeremy scott shoes a bit of a jeremy scott adidas pain to provide links to, but looks like Basil has a similar kind of laptop air max sale messenger pannier. Their site shows plenty of distribution in the UK.
Ortlieb's rear/larger panniers have an "Office" and "Downtown" line that both seem to be designed to accomodate a 15 inch laptop (via a sleeve/insert you purchase separately). Two mulberry bayswater different mounting options.
What I actually do when carrying the laptop on my bike is either bungee a laptop messenger to the top of the rack or stick a (well-padded) sleeve into a pannier
Panniers have not worked out too well for me when it comes to lugging isabel marant sale the laptop around. isabel marant sneaker sale There are also those panniers that look like posh briefcase bags and they have not worked out too well either. It just doesn't work on the weight distribution.
The bag that did work best was the Carradice Camper Long Flap that I bought for my retro roadster. Side pockets have luxury ready celine bags sale eats in them - I can access them when riding along - and tools/spare tube. The mini-pump goes in the main compartment, otherwise I am not having to open that en-route, which is good if it rains.
The 'cotton duck' material expands in the air max trainer wet air jordans for sale to become magically waterproof. it actually works well and doesn't get abraded like celine mini bag other bags do.
As for the notebook, it is optimally placed for weight, suspended in the saddlebag isabel marant and therefore shock absorbed without being excessively packaged (it has a neoprene sleeve). Naturally there is room for my change of clothes, and, due to the 'long-flap' I can get a couple of bags of shopping in isabel marant sneakers there too - Tardis like or what.
There is also a feeling of security with the notebook where it is. Off bike I don't bother with a shoulder strap, the handle does fine.
I honestly believe people in the fifties were onto something with the saddlebag. There is adidas jeremy scott no need for a pannier rack and the weight distribution is so much better. Naysayers will say you need the weight low, actually you need it next to your own centre of gravity - tucked behind your bum.
Lights strap onto the bag very nicely - one less bit of stuff to not have to take off.
Perhaps the best bit of the Carradice bag is that you get admiring looks from 'CTC' vintage cyclists as well as the ladies that are into their handbags.
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